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He was no stranger to sex toys, though not personally, but it was something he felt he didn’t need, since if he wanted sex he could usually get it and there was always his hand that have not failed him yet. But this one was about Tori Black, and seeing the nubs and ribs of her fleshlight sex toy masturbator somehow flashed something into his naughty cravings, so he decided that if he was going to try a sex toy masturbator for the first time, what better choice than one from his favourite porn babe?

Nothing made sex even hotter when he would sometimes imagine that the woman he was fucking was no other than Tori Black. Getting his healthy dose of self-pleasure whenever he would masturbate was started right and hard when he would recall his favourite Tori Black sex scenes. Jack had thought he would feel awkward once he was about to use a sex toy, but seeing the life-life realistic details of Tori Black’s pussy just inches away from his hard cock, and those details were spot on Tori Black’s as his pornographic memory could tell him gave Jack a surge of lustful manhood flowing to his ever hardening cock.

Jack closed his eyes to the world and opened them up to his fantasies and naughty desire.

Jack could not believe it was happening! He never thought a single drink would lead to this, but now he was happy he just had that one glass. They met in the bar, on what was supposed to be just the usual Friday Night on the bar just to get off the stress of the week that was. They bumped each other as they both ordered their drinks; their eyes met that saw each other’s smile, and was followed by sharing each other’s name. She was Tori, and just like him she was just after a good drink after a long week from work. They shared a table and shared stuffs about their lives. The conversation was so good, easy and flowing, a connection of sorts, and just when they both finished their drinks, they decided to enjoy the weekend even more.

One thing led to another and they got on the first available hotel they could find.

Even before the door was locked they grabbed unto each other, arms and fingers working to get each other naked. They fell into bed in a tangle of half stripped clothes, but everything was soon thrown across the room. He made love to her chest, giving every inch of her breast and nipples a furious licking and sucking session. Tori returned the favour by going down on him, licking and sucking his cock as if there was no tomorrow, and the sight of his cock becoming invisible like magic inside her mouth was such a turn on, made him thirsty that he decided to quench that thirst by returning back the favour, with his tongue and lips tasting and licking Tori’s pussy and clit.

And now here she was, lying in bed with her legs spread wide, waiting for Jack to fuck her.

Jack guided his cock, and gently rubbed the head against Tori’s clit which elicited a moan that was so arousing that he felt his cock twitch in appreciation. He let the length of his cock rest against Tori’s pussy, and slid it in forward and backward motions, running the length of his cock to part her wet pussy lips and all the way across her very aroused clit. His cock was getting coated with her pussy juices, and after a few strokes Tori was moving and grinding against his cock, letting its warmth and hardness stroke and slide against her pussy before asking Jack, begging Jack to put it in.

Jack slid his cock back until just the head was resting on her semi parted pussy lips then pressed it down and in between her pussy lips. Jack heard Tori take a deep breath as her pussy clamped and welcome Jack’s cock. Tori’s pussy was latched into his cock, hugging and as if pulling them in and Jack let her juices ease the way and pushed his cock some more.
With his cock’s head buried, Jack experienced Tori’s pussy grip him and flood his sensitive cock head with intense stimulation. It felt so good that Jacked pulled back a bit then slid it back deeper, and was rewarded by more intense sensations from Tori’s tight pussy. Tori spread her legs wide, and called out Jack’s name. When Jack met her gaze, she only had two words for him.

Fuck me.

Jack impaled her vagina deeper, feeling her hot pussy squeezing and welcoming his cock in a tight grip. Jack pulled back a bit then slammed his cock all the way in, and he could not help but grunt in pleasure at the sensations and stimulations that Tori’s pussy was giving to his cock!

She was so wet and just getting wetter as Jack began pumping his cock slowly. Every inch of Tori’s pussy was like a series of pleasure caves on every inch of his cock. Arousing sensations and stimulations run from the tip of his cock’s head all the way to the base, the pleasure of it all running even further to his balls. It felt so good that Jack found himself inspired and very rock hard as he increased the pace of his pump, craving to let his cock savour all the rush of sensations as he pumped in and out of Tori’s pussy again and again.

Jack was increasing the pace of his cock until his cock was like a jackhammer pounding and diving deep inside Tori’s pussy. Nor was Tori just taking it lying down for she also pumping back and meeting each and every pump of Jack’s cock, letting it plunge its way deeper into her pussy that was now oozing with her pussy juices. For Jack, the sight of Tori fucking and grinding her pussy against him as if to let her pussy swallow his cock again and again was just so exciting, so he gave it a fast burst of intense fucking before he slammed it in and kept it there while he caught up with his breath.

Tori moaned at the last stroke that sent Jack’s cock deeper inside her, the sensation sent pleasure coursing through every inch of her body. Jack was taking deep breaths, and Tori saw this as her chance to return the favour. With Jack’s cock impaled inside her, Tori moved into motion and got Jack to move to the side and on his back, and Tori on top riding his cock.

Jack reached out to her breast while Tori placed her hands on his chest. Jack was fondling her breast, squeezing her nipples and then Tori began humping herself on Jack’s cock, grinding her pussy even lower, savouring the length of Jack’s monster cock stretching her pussy wide and tight. Jack could see that Tori was so into it, and he began to hump his cock back whenever Tori humped down. Tori was biting her lips with pleasure, and that was when she started riding Jack’s cock as if doing so for dear life.

Jack was not prepared for the intensity that followed as Tori started impaling her pussy faster and harder against Jack’s cock. Her hands were against Jack’s chest, fingers digging on his chest as she rode him up and down, letting Jack’s cock appear and disappear faster and faster inside her pussy. Jack could not believe his luck, of how this woman was fucking the strength and endurance out of him and his cock with every thrust.

Seeing Tori in action taking his cock in and out of her pussy aroused Jack like never before, and he started pumping back, meeting Tori going down on his cock, and the sensation was life fire raging inside of Jack. Tori gripped his chest tight, and their gazes locked as the two bodies acted as one, pumping and humping, taking and giving pleasure to the other. Jack felt his balls tighten up, just as Tori told him that she was near and Jack kept up with Tori’s pace, the sight of his cock dripping wet with her pussy juices making him more aroused, his cock stiff hard and that was when he heard a different kind of moan from Tori, followed by Tori impaling her pussy deep and squeezing tight that finally made Jack explode his cock juice inside Tori, just as she also arched her head back with her own climax.

Jack opened his eyes back to the world, his body perspiring with the strenuous masturbation. He felt Tori’s pussy take the last drop of his come. Climax has never been this intense and torrid, and with a smile on his face Jack knew it was just the start of torrid and hot naughty pleasures unlike any other with Fleshlight Girls Tori Black.