A Different Kind of Reading

There is just something about a woman who loves books that Thomas finds such a turn on. As a book lover himself, he knows the pleasure of reading, and has always found the passion admirable in others, especially from the opposite sex. Among the women he had dated or had spent the pleasure of their company, they become so much more beautiful, sexier, and more interesting once he find outs that she has a passion for books.

Like any normal guy, Thomas has his share of watching porn, and just like any man he enjoys it. But sometimes he wishes there was something more than just the looks, the sexy body, or the sexual acrobatics porn stars are capable off. He had seen her before, Kayden Kross, in one of her many films. But it was when he found out that she was a bookworm that made her stand out from the rest for Thomas. She was sexy, nice tits, blonde, but definitely she was not the typical dumb blonde, and the more Thomas found out, the sexier and more beautiful Kayden Kross became in his eyes.

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After reading the instructions on proper usage (as a book reader should!), Thomas began the inspired fantasy he had with the sexy bookworm Kayden Kross…

…It was a nice quiet and private place in the public library, and there Thomas decided to spend the last hours of the day before heading home. The smell of books, and the feeling of being surrounded by all these books and words was a comfort to him as he delved on pages after pages of books he fancied. Located at the back end of the library, it had been his little place for reading, except for the surprise yesterday when a pretty woman paused by, sat and read for a couple of minutes before leaving. It was a mixed kind of surprise, partly a reminder that his usual haunt was not really his, and the welcome sight of the sexy woman as he spied her from the corner of his eyes, not to mention the slight summer scent of her perfume that lingered in the air after she had left. But that was yesterday, and today his haunt was all his as Thomas set himself once more on the pages of the latest book he was reading.

So engrossed was he that it was not until he heard her breathe out that he noticed that he wasn’t alone.

It was the same woman yesterday, sitting across the table from him. A quick glance revealed that she was also all eyes on the book in front of her. There was something about the intensity in her face as her eyes traced the words in her book that Thomas found sexy and attractive, and for some reason he felt his cock strain against his pants. Yesterday’s incident might have been just a surprised fluke, but seeing her now, engrossed in her book, beautiful, Thomas remembered the scent of her perfume from yesterday, and the memory was so strong he thought, until he realized her perfume scent had slithered its way across the air and distance between them, and the power of memory and reality fused as one sent gave Thomas a lump in his throat that he softly swallowed.

Explore a naughty kind of literature with sexy bookworm Kayden Kross!

Thomas was in a daze, and his hand swiped at his pen and caused it to fall on the floor. Thomas bent down to pick it up, and without wanting to he saw her smooth legs, partly parted, and in between them a darkness that seemed to be calling to him. He quickly picked up his pen and straightened himself up. Thomas stole one last quick glance, seeing her still intense and engrossed face on her book, and before he took off his eyes he saw her neck, and his eyes followed down to the parted buttons of her blouse…and suddenly his mind went wildly imaginative and naughty, and as he cupped his now raging cock beneath the table. The sight of her legs, of her face, her perfume that now seemed to fill the entire little space between made him cup his now raging cock in his pants.

Caught up in the moment, Thomas started stroking his cock against his pants even as he tried to concentrate back into reading. And yet the sensation and surge of lust was keeping his hand on his cock. It was just so kinky, and naughty, and lost was he in the preoccupation of wanting to get back to his book and the lust that was now surging through his cock that he didn’t notice that she had left her chair, until he caught a strong whiff of her perfume which was followed by a soft hand pressing against his hand between his legs.

“Let me help you with that.”

She was there beside behind him, leaning over and Thomas felt her breast against his shoulder as she gently unclasped his hands and took its place on his crotch, squeezing and stroking it. Thomas was lost in thoughts, the sensation of her soft hands against his hard cock, the scent of her perfume, her breast brushing against him, the fear of getting caught in public…these and many other were on his mind, but a tight grip brought his senses back to their nearness, and to the hardness in his cock that was ever growing.

And as if reading his mind, her fingers unzipped his pants and took out his cock from his pants. The touches of her fingers on his cock made Thomas forget everything except that sensation that was now softly teasing and caressing his cock. Her fingers played at the tip of his cock, spreading the precum that was there, and his cock was getting harder and harder, its sensitive tip screaming in pleasure. Thomas didn’t realize that he had closed his eyes until she felt something wet and warm cover over his cock, and a glance showed him a sight he never expected to see: she was on her knees, giving him a good peak at her cleavage, and his cock disappearing inside her mouth.

She took his cock in, inch after hard inch disappeared inside her soft, warm and wet mouth before it would be revealed again, and then disappear again as she bobbed her head up and down. Simon could feel her tongue explore his cock, the contact charging him even further with lust as he felt his cock get hard like never before. She had one had cupping his balls, playing with it and Thomas could only gasp as she took him deeper, sucking and licking his cock.

Thomas never felt as aroused as with what was happening, and suddenly it didn’t matter to him if they were caught. He reached down and grabbed her breast, squeezing and pinching as she began to suck his cock even faster, harder, and deeper. Thomas cupped her breast and squeezed them in rhythm with her mouth going down on his cock, and both savoured the moment, his cock even harder now, and craving for a pussy to fuck and before Thomas could direct her, she let free of his cock and stood up, and leaned over the table.

Thomas wasted no time, his hands on her ass as he held the edge of her skirt and pulled them up, revealing her sexy ass. Her undies were sopping wet as he pulled down her undies, and Thomas got into position. He was so hard and she was so wet, and his cock and her pussy were like magnets, pulling and guiding each other closer, and both sighed at the contact. Thomas felt her wet warm pussy lips kissing the tip of his cock, and he accepted the invitation by slamming and pushing his cock inside her waiting and wet pussy.

She was so wet, warm, and so tight even as Thomas rammed his cock all the way inside her pussy, feeling her pussy juices coat his cock as they squeezed and clenched every inch of his cock. Thomas took a deep breath, and held her waist, and began pumping his cock, feeling her pussy welcome every inch of his cock. Slow thrust and strokes started to pick up speed, and Thomas saw her grip on the edge of the table, holding herself in position as she pushed back, meeting and taking his cock even deeper.

Thomas didn’t even know her name, but that didn’t matter. His cock was never this hard, and he kept on pumping and slamming his cock even deeper, all of his strokes met with fervour. Seeing her ass bounce with every stroke was such a turn on, and Thomas kept up his pace, pumping deeper, savouring the tight squeeze of her pussy, letting her feel every inch of his cock as it plumbed her pussy all the way in.

Thomas felt her hand grip on his hand, making him stop and she eased her way out of his cock that was now coated with her pussy juices. She turned around, sitting on the edge of the table and their eyes met.

“I want to watch you fucking me”, the woman said as she lay back on the table, legs spreading wide. Thomas could only nod, and when he saw the perfect shape of the pussy his cock was fucking only moments before he felt his cock twitch. Thomas got into position, raising her legs and parted them wide, and without any word guided his cock back in.

She had unbuttoned her bra, and Thomas could see her breast for the first time as she squeezed and pinched her nipples. The sight of her playing with her nipples and breast was such a turn on, and Thomas slammed his cock deeper. Their eyes, met, and Thomas saw the sexual hunger in her eyes, the way she was biting her lips like an invitation, and their bodies both moved as Thomas pumped and she would meet his thrust.

Thomas wasted no time letting his cock have its way on her pussy, and he could feel her vagina squeeze tighter, as if not wanting to let go of his cock. Her pussy was dripping wet, and the wet squishy sounds as cock and pussy slammed and welcomed each other was the only sound along with their hushed breaths. She never took her gaze off him, and Thomas held his gaze on her too, and both could feel the lust surging between them get higher and hotter as they fucked each other. Thomas felt his balls raging, knowing that he was nearly there but not wanting to come yet. He paced his pumps, slamming and pumping it deeper, non-stop.

Time seemed to have stopped except for the two of them taking and giving pleasure. Thomas kept on pumping, going deeper, and she was taking all of his cock, squeezing tighter. Her pussy felt so good, and Thomas found himself fucking her harder, getting faster, and then he saw her lean her head back with her hand cupping her mouth, stifling her moan, whispering she was near. Thomas could feel his climax get closer, and hearing her, seeing her squirm in pleasure made him gave it his all, pumping and slamming faster and faster until he felt her pussy clench hard on his cock that Thomas felt himself let go, his cock juice squirting inside her just as she also tensed and shuddered as her orgasm burst to engulf Thomas’s cock that was plunged deep inside her pussy, and Thomas felt on top of her, catching his breath at what has just happened.