Simon loved tattoos, and he has a few pieces on his body. He looked at them like art, like paintings that one does not hang on the wall but instead carry it with you wherever you may go. It’s a sigil of individuality, of personality, and Simon understands and appreciates that to have a tattoo is a commitment, an expression of the self beyond what words or actions could tell.

Simon can’t help but admire women with tattoos. There’s just something appealing about a woman with ink, and for Simon, more is always better. No wonder that when he first saw Joanna Angel and her plethora of tattoos, Simon’s cock got hard, imagining tracing not just with his fingers and eyes the inked designs on Joanna Angel’s body but more like a discovery using his lips and his tongue. She may not be the angelic image people want out of women, but for Simon, she was one naughty angel she would always welcome.

And so it was like a gift from heaven when he discovered Fleshlight Girls Joanna Angel with her signature MISFIT texture pussy sleeve. He loved that word: misfit. And for Simon a misfit was not an outcast, or the negative connotation, but someone who is, well, just like him, independent and with an identity of his own, just like Joanna Angel after seeing in hot naughty sex action with her brand of alt porn that was something not common in porn. Buying the sex masturbator felt to Simon as the right move, not to mention his cock got curious at all those tattoo-inspired ribs, teeth, nubs, and bumps and the unique sensations they will give to his cock.

Nothing is a big turn on for Simon than a woman who knows what she wants and goes the distance just to get what she wants. And when it comes to Joanna Angel, she will soar high and low, go fast and slow, and for Simon that is always a welcome naughty treat. And there inside his room, Joanna Angel was getting down and ready…

… Joanna pushed Simon into the bed, and as he sat on its edge, Joanna started to strip for him, slowly, just like how she knew he wanted it. She peeled her clothes slowly, and Simon’s eyes feasted with his eyes on her white naked skin, and licked his lips as her tattoo pieces revealed themselves. They seemed alive on her skin, a part of her, and Simon could feel his cock rising to the kinky strip tease she was doing.

Inked and Wickedly naughty Joanna Angel! Inked for Desire

Joanna did notice the bulge in Simon’s crotch, and her hands were quick, finding its way to unbuckle and unzip his pants, pulling them off him. Joana left his underwear on that was now clearly bulging with his raging cock, and Joanna gave it a good squeeze, keeping it hidden and trapped between her fingers for some time before she let the head out, Simon’s little one eyed monster that seemed to be crying a pre-cum…or salivating in the ecstasy of Joanna’s nimble squeezing and pumping that got it rock hard.

Some women seems to be careful about holding a man’s cock, wary as if it was going to bite them, but not Joanna. She let Simon’s cock free from the restraint of his underwear and caught it between her lips as she kissed and sucked its head. Simon grunted in pleasure at the quick and hard licks and kisses and suck that Joanna was doing to his sensitive cock. Joanna then let her teeth graze it and made some small bites, making Simon sit still at the pleasure of it. Joanna looked up and met Simon’s gaze as she slowly showed him how she took his hard and long cock, inch by inch inside her mouth before she clamped her lips on it tight.

What followed next was a whirl of sensations as Joanna let her tongue swirl along the length of his cock, then starting sucking it hard and fast, her head bobbing up and down and Simon’s cock appeared and disappeared inside her mouth. She was not gentle or slow, she was rough and Simon loved it that he could not help but pump forward, as if fucking Joanna’s mouth that was just as happy to take it deeper and faster. Simon felt Joanna’s hands on his balls, her finger moving to squeeze and fondle it that Simon was so turned on that he grabbed her hair and fucked her mouth harder, faster. Her mouth was a rush of sensations as Simon’s cock was feasted by her lips, mouth, tongue and throat taking him deeper.

After a few minutes of non-stop sucking, Joanna let go of his cock and pushed Simon to lie on his back. She went on top of him, and reversed, with Simon’s head between her legs as she went back to suck his cock. Her naked pussy was just inches from his mouth, and Simon cupped her ass, pull them down closer and gave her wet pussy a good and sharp lick. Simon felt Joanna pause with his cock still inside her mouth as she cooed and moan at the sensation of getting her pussy licked. Simon felt inspired with Joanna’s reaction so he sent his tongue to lick every inch of her pussy lips, flicking it over her aroused clit while squeezing her ass, smacking it once in a while as he sent his tongue like a dagger inside her pussy. Joanna was shivering from Simon’s tongue and lips on her pussy, but dove back and sucked Simon’s cock with a vengeance.

The two bodies moved as one, each one licking and sucking the other’s most intimate parts, each one’s arousal going higher, and each of them all the more inspired to do their best to each other. Joanna took Simon’s cock deep into her mouth, sucking it hard while Simon took Joanna’s pussy with his tongue, exploring, tasting even deeper for her pussy juice that was continuously flowing.

But there was only one way they both desired how to be joined together. And as if like a ballet, both took deep breaths, freeing each other and each other’s mouths. Joanna was on top and moved quicker, moving to face Simon while on top of him. Simon saw the pussy that moments ago he was lavishing with the full attention of his lips and tongue, and seeing it move closer and closer to his cock as Joanna was getting into position made him feel even harder. Joanna grabbed his cock, pointed it towards her pussy and slid it in as she humped down on it.

Her pussy was tight as it was wet as she took Simon cock inside her. Simon could only groan at the exquisite sensations as his cock buried itself inch by inch inside Joanna’s pussy. Simon felt each inch of his cock laced with the pleasure of contact inside Joanna’s pussy, and as his cock got deeper, so much more indescribable sensations were being lavished upon his cock as he got deeper, the pleasure like tremors running through the length of his cock. She was taking not just his cock in, but as if also his soul, deeper inside her and Simon was delirious with the experience. Joanna got Simon’s cock all the way in, and the two took deep breaths at the full contact and pleasure as pussy and cock held each other.

Joanna started to move, sliding Simon’s cock slowly out of her pussy, before letting gravity pull her down and take his cock all the way in with a sudden thrust. Simon felt every inch of her pussy slowly leaving his cock in an almost painful sensation, only to get all the relief back when she would take him all the way in. Joanna did this again, and again, and Simon steeled herself at the arousal that he was getting and his cock strained and raging hard. Joanna went up again…slowly…but did not impale herself down but took him slowly too, squeezing her pussy tighter as she went down and leaned toward Simon, her breast brushing her chest as she whispered just beneath his ears

“I know you want to fuck me, so fuck me hard. Now!”

Simon embraced Joanna who was on top of him and turned them both over, with Joanna on her back and him on top, his cock and her pussy in a tight grip. Simon then parted her legs, getting them in comfortable position, and with a slow pull of his cock until only the head was inside, he basked at the sensation as Joanna’s pussy lips were clamped on his cock’s head as if not wanting to let it go before slamming it all the way deep, stealing the breath from Joanna’s lungs.

And Simon did not stop there, barely a blink since he slammed his cock all the way in that he started fucking her pussy again, pumping it deeper and harder, and faster. Joanna’s pussy welcomed him inside, squeezing and pulling his cock deeper, and the sensations of her tight grip on his cock was making Simon’s balls boil with lust and desire.

Joanna loves to be fucked hard, and Simon did intend to do just that. He slammed his cock harder and deeper, and with every pull and push his cock was coated wet with her pussy juices. Simon didn’t slow his pace, and with each thrust sent tremors of pleasure throughout Joanna, her breast swaying with his motions, her lips parted and breathing hard, proof that she was enjoying it every moment of it.

Joanna’s pussy was not letting go of Simon’s cock that easy. With each stroke he could feel her vagina gripping and teasing his cock, and the faster and deeper he pumped, the tighter and more delirious her grip was, and his cock was strained tight that it almost hurt, as if he was about to burst. Simon knew it was a sign, and before it would come he pushed himself and his cock for faster and harder into Joanna’s pussy, and it only took a while before Joanna was moaning and screaming to be fucked harder and faster.

Simon kept on pounding his cock as he admired the flushed naked skin of Joanna, her tattoos more colourful and seemingly alive because of his actions until he felt something breaking inside of him that came just as Joanna arched her back as she climaxed, and Simon rammed his cock hard one last time before his cock juice came bursting out of his cock and into Joanna’s pussy.