Mature. Ripe. And Naughty Sweet! Taking the Time…Just Like Wine

While some men prefer to pluck young ladies, Simon prefers to hunt from the opposite side of the road: there is just something about older women that get his cock raging hard. It must be the experience, and the maturity, of knowing that a mature woman knows what she wants, why she wants it, when she wants it.

Must be because Simon had his first taste of sex from a more mature woman, it happened when he was back in high school while hanging out in the house of his friend, who had to leave him alone to run an errand that left him alone in the house with his classmate’s older sister. He didn’t know that Anne had a crush on him for some time then, and Anne grab the chance of them being all alone. Simon was a virgin then, but he was perfectly comfortable letting Anne be his guide to the wonderful world of sex. Since that experience, Simon found older women more appealing, and as his sexual confidence grew, so did his experience with older women, and more so with his appetite for more mature women.

And that was when he discovered Lisa Ann. Perhaps it was the name, for even though Anne was a blonde, whenever he saw Lisa Ann he would always think of Anne. And for some reason, remembering one nurtured and fed his desire for the other, and in time that has become a secret and kinky fantasy of his: the young man under the naughty mercy of an older and sexually hungry woman. Not to mention drowned under the softness of big boobs. Both of his fantasy babes shared that too, and the memory of having his face between 2 soft, big and bouncing breasts always made Simon hard and raging.

And Fleshlight Girls Lisa Ann just gave him the perfect sex toy masturbator for his fantasies to become real.
Lisa Ann met Simon at the door, and guided him in to have a sit on the sofa, and Lisa Ann suddenly gets on top of him, tugging at his crotch, unbuckling his belt to reveal his hard cock. She raises the short skirt she had to reveal that she had nothing underneath, just her shaved and very wet pussy. Simon’s cocks is all hard, proud and tall like a pole and Lisa Ann slides her pussy lips against it, starting with at the head, feels every inch of Simon’s hard cock sliding against her clit which makes her shiver with anticipation.

Simon tries to touch Lisa Ann’s breast but she smacks his hand away, then holds his hand and places them to his sides, patting them to remain there. Simon knows how it’s going to be, no touching, just feel and enjoy the ride.

Simon hard and standing cock is pressed against Lisa Anns pussy lips, and with every slight move he could feel her wet pussy lips coating his cock with her pussy juices. Lisa Ann’s clit is so aroused, and her pussy is flowing with her juices, and she humps and coats Simon’s cock with her juices eve more, the sensation of his hard cock against her soft pussy making her naughtier and hornier, enjoying the tease she is giving Simon and the anticipation of having that cock buried inside her pussy soon.

Lisa Ann gets her top off, revealing her braless big breast and squeezes and pumps them just inches from Simon’s face. Simon lets out his tongue as Lisa Ann guides her stiff nipples closer, and she feels a shiver as Simon flicks his tongue to lick it. But a lick is not enough, so she presses them closer to his face, and Simon opens his mouth and welcomes the breast into his mouth and starts sucking.

With Simon busy with her breast, Lisa Ann reaches down to Simons hard and slick cock, wet and slick from her pussy juices as she positions the cock’s head with her semi parted pussy lips, and as Simons sucks her nipples hard, Lisa Ann sits down on Simon’s cock.

Simons gasps at the sensations of pleasure as the entire length of his cock impales Lisa Ann’s pussy. She squeezes her pussy tights, and Simon feels as if every inch of his cock is kissed and licked, all at the same time. Simon automatically pumps up, but Lisa Ann presses him down to stop. When Simon had remained still, savouring the stimulations of his whole cock squeezed and quenched deep inside Lisa Ann’s pussy, Lisa Ann begins to hump her pussy on Simon’s cock. She keeps squeezing her pussy as she goes up and down on his monster cock pole, and Simon sighs as the sensations leave him paralyzed with pleasure.

Lisa Ann starts slow at first, before she starts picking the pace humping herself on Simon’s cock. Lisa Ann loves younger men, they sure do last longer with all that sexual stamina and endurance, and she knows Simon is going to fuck her long and good. She rams and impales herself again and again, and the sensations of his cock on her pussy are driving her wilder, hornier.
Simon feels like a king, seeing Lisa Ann in action all over his cock gets him even harder, and though he is raging to fuck Lisa Ann hard, he lets her have her way, knowing Lisa Ann enjoys the thrill of being in control. He just sits there, savouring each thrust while keeping his arousal in check for his turn to come. Lisa Ann pins Simon down as she has her way with him, slightly adjusting positions to get that perfect angle of penetration and pleasure.

Simon closes his eyes and enjoys Lisa Ann riding his cock. He will get his turn soon, but for now, she will let Lisa have all the action while he savours all the naughty fun of his cock pampered and given all the arousing sensations inside Lisa Ann’s pussy…

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