There is something about a woman’s body, especially an all-natural body that Nicolas finds so sexy. Nothing added, nothing cut out, just all the right combination of curves and angles.

And then there was Tera Patrick, now a fleshlight girl.

Nicolas could not really pin down what was it about Tera Patrick that he found so fascinating. Perhaps it was her sexy body, or her mixed descent that meld together in such a way to produce a beauty, a naughty goddess like her. Perhaps it was her face, that Nicolas found always found commanded his attention. Or perhaps it was her breast that always made Nicolas imagine of caressing them, holding them, sucking them in their fullness. Perhaps it was these, and all the other things about Teri Patrick that Nicolas always found his cock growing hard when she would cross his mind.

And lately she has been intruding in his thoughts more often. Must have something to do with the amount of free time he would be having during the weekend. The family was going out of town, and his schedule afforded him to remain at home, keep the pets fed and make sure the house was safe. The house would be his, all for himself, and though he was not a party animal like he used to be, he wished someone would keep him company for the weekend. Someone like Tera Patrick would make for an unforgettable weekend. But that was a long shot, but a man is free to fantasize about his favourite porn star.

And so while surfing the net, downloading and saving porn movies for his long lonely weekend, he came across something close to having Tera with him: the Fleshlight Girls Tera Patrick masturbator sex toy. He heard about adult masturbator sex toys before, but this was the first time he took a good look at it. The choices of inserts, the promise of the sensations, the lure of a masturbation experience unlike any other made him decide to get one for himself and try it out. The package arrived swift and discreet, just as promised by ThatsNaughty Australia, the best adult toys sex shop in Australia where he decided to buy online, and it arrived a day before everyone was set to leave for their travel.

And so after everyone had left, Nicolas took the time to even check further the videos and the package. It felt soft and supple in his hands, and he found his cock growing hard from the lifelike replica of Tera Patrick’s most intimate part. They looked just like how he knew they would, and Nicolas felt a lump in his throat from the sexual anticipation, not to mention his cock was raging tight in his pants. He unzipped his pants and let his raving monster cock out, and the first contact with the orifice left him even harder. Nicolas closed his eyes and let his fantasy sex scene begin…

Nicolas opened his eyes, the light felt harsh on his eyes. The last thing he remembered he was somewhere else and then the sudden flash that became a blackness, and now here he was opening his eyes to the light. He felt his back itch, and he realized he was on his back, but that was not all.

He was also stark naked, given with all the sensations that ran through his skin as he began to move. He rubbed his eyes, and glanced to his left, trying to make sense of where he was. His sight was finally coming back, and the place was indeed strange, looked like he was deep inside a forest of sorts. The light sent sharp blades through the leaves, and when he glanced to his right as he surveyed the strange place, he discovered he was not alone.

There was a woman just a few feet from him, and she was also rousing from her sleep. Like him she was naked, and Nicolas let his eyes feast on the curves of her body. Her body was like from his fantasy, the curves, the shape and size of her breast, and when her hair parted to reveal her face, Nicolas realized that she was someone he knew.

Their eyes met, and they just gazed into each other’s eyes. Then for a moment her eyes strayed, and then came back to meet back his gaze and her lips parted to a secret smile. Nicolas smiled back, trying to fathom the reason why she smiled. In his mind Nicolas traced back where her gaze went, and it went down somewhere… and that was when he realized what her smile was about: his sleeping cock was sleeping no more. It was hard like a rock, tall and proud. Nicolas felt a tinge of shame at the uncontrolled reaction, and when he lifted his gaze back to Tera, she was nearer than she last was. Tera was on all fours, like a panther her sleek body moved as she made her way closer, and Nicolas saw her breast sway, becoming bigger and bigger, and she was just a few inches away from him and their eyes met again.

Tera was smiling at him, and she slowly let her tongue out as she licked her lips, the slow movement of her tongue making Nicolas’ cock twitch as if in response.

And that was when Tera pushed him back to lie down as her head towards between his legs, and Nicolas groaned as she felt her hot and wet tongue flick and lick his cock’s head before taking it inside her mouth.

The sensation was unbelievable as Tera Patrick took Nicolas’ cock inside her mouth. She took him deep, sucked him hard and tight and Nicolas could only groan and moan some more at the assault of sensations and stimulations of her mouth, her lips and her tongue on his cock. He moved his eyes, and they fell on Tera’s ass that was on his side. He reached out to touch it, and for a moment Tera stopped sucking his cock. Nicolas squeezed her ass, and Tera continued on sucking his cock, a bit faster, and taking him deeper even more inside her mouth. Nicolas let his fingers trace the crack between her ass, reaching all the way down until his fingertip brushed against her pussy lips, tracing even further until he found her clit, and Nicolas pressed and slid his middle finger against her love button. Tera moaned and paused from sucking his cock, only to return again her attention to his cock with fervour. In just a few seconds, his fingers were wet with her pussy juices oozing from her vagina, and Nicolas slipped his fingers between Tera’s pussy lips, and started fingering her.

Tera savoured the sensation of being fingered, squeezing her pussy tight whenever Nicolas slipped in deeper and deeper. Her pussy was so wet, the way Nicolas stroked her clit was like a button being turned on for her juices to flow out. Tera loved being stroked, but she wanted even more to be tasted, licked and sucked, and so she moved herself to get Nicolas’ mouth between her legs, her wet and juicy pussy now being offered Nicolas. Tera went down and started sucking back the hard cock, just as she felt Nicolas’ tongue flick and lick her pussy lips, his tongue even more delirious than she imagined.

Nicolas could not believe what was happening, but with a wet pussy in front of him, it was not the time to think of other things. He savoured the aroma of Tera’s pussy before he let his tongue snake out to taste her, savouring her pussy juices, licking and teasing kissing and tasting her pussy lips. Tera was sucking his cock even harder, and Nicolas started humping his cock, pumping it even deeper inside Tera’s mouth as he grabbed her ass tight and licked and sucked her oozing and juicy pussy.

The two moved in motion, as Tera was sucking his cock Nicolas was eating her pussy. Nicolas could feel her fingers fondling and squeezing his balls as she sucked his cock, as if teasing his cock juice to come out. Nicolas reached out and fondled her breast, cupping them in his hands before slowly squeezing them, feeling its softness and sent two fingers to pinch her nipples, pinch and squeeze it a bit. His mouth was still on her pussy, licking and tasting her juices, letting his tongue slip in like a blade between her pussy lips, and from the body shivers from Tera, Nicolas knew she loved it, and licked and squeezed and teased her even more, his mouth on her pussy, and then on her clit, and his hand on her breasts as he humped his cock even more into Tera’s mouth. She took the whole length of his cock inside, squeezing and sucking him deeper. The two continued on, teasing and tasting each other, and their arousal was getting hotter, and naughtier. Nicolas could feel his balls taut and tight under Tera’s assault on his cock, but he would not be denied, so with fury he let his tongue flick and lick and his lips suck Tera’s clit even harder.

After a few more silent moments of nonstop sucking, licking and the occasional naughty biting, Tera moved and turned around to face Nicolas while on top of him she guided her crotch against his, and the sensation of his cock slightly rubbing against her very wet pussy was making his cock even harder. Nicolas enjoyed the view, the way her breast would move, and even as he was eager to grab them, he let Tera do as she please, and what Tera wanted was his cock, which she was now holding and guiding towards her pussy. She looked at him while she rubbed the tip even more against her pussy, and with a bite on her lips Tera’s pussy came down clamping on his cock.

Nicolas saw his cock disappear inside Tera’s pussy. Her pussy was so wet and yet so tight, and Nicolas felt as if his being was being swallowed inside her pussy. Tera arched her backs as the big and hard cock went inside her, and this time Nicolas reached out to hold her breast. Tera grinded her crotch even more, taking the even cock deeper, and she exhaled a moan of ecstasy. The two basked at the sensation of their most intimate body parts fused together, as if becoming familiar with each other.

And then Tera started to hump herself on top of Nicolas.

For Nicolas, she was a delight to be felt and a sight to behold. He let her breast free from his hands, and she saw how her breasts started to heave and move as she started humping. Tera started slow, but was starting to pick up the pace, and Nicolas was becoming more lost and lost at the sensation of fucking Tera that she let her do as she please, an even the pricks and scratches on his back from the rough surface faded from his attention that was now focused on the sensation of Tera’s pussy squeezing and clamping on his cock. He could feel her vagina muscles tighten around his cock, and Nicolas knows his cock juice was beginning to surge from balls.

Tera was now humping even faster, and Nicolas reached out to grab her breast, squeezing and teasing her nipples. Tera liked that and she rewarded him with even deeper and faster humps and even tighter squeezing on his cock. Nicolas started meeting each of her humps, pumping upwards whenever Tera went down, and soon they found pace that made them both moan in unison.

Nicolas grabbed a hold of Tera’s hips, holding her in place as she went faster and faster on his cock. Her pussy juices now drenched his cock, flowing through his balls, and for Nicolas everything was such a turn on that he could feel his cock juice raging inside his balls. Tera was moaning and wailing, and the sound of her voice was turning Nicolas even more, so he pumped back even faster, and faster, meeting each and every one of Tera humps with his own deep and hard pumps that made Tera lie on top of his chest, her breast now pressed against him. She was starting to become delirious with pleasure, and her voice was urging him to do it more…harder…yes faster. Nicolas grabbed Tera’s ass and starting pumping his cock like a piston inside her pussy, hitting her sweet spot that made Tera claw at his shoulders, fingers digging into his skin but Nicolas paid it no heed, and instead pumped his cock faster and harder nonstop until he could feel his balls about to explode just as Tera started moaning that she was about to com and Nicolas gave it his all, letting his cock go faster and deeper until he could no longer control it and with one last pumped he pushed his cock so deep inside Tera’s tight pussy and let his cock juice explode inside of her before everything turned to black….

Nicolas opened his eyes slowly, catching his breaths. He was sweating and thirsty, feeling a bit weak on his knees at the monster ejaculation he just had. He had never thought it could feel like that, a masturbation experience from the Fleshlight Tera Patrick that felt so good and so real.

Nicolas took a deep breath and smiled. The long lonely weekend had just begun, but he knew he won’t be alone.