Growing up as teenager during the 1980’s, porn was not as widespread then as it is now, and Chester could only fathom at the difference. Back then, the now ancient VHS and Betamax tapes were the usual source for home videos, and part of growing up was sneaking with some guys to watch a porn film, in secret in a friend’s house when the parents were away. There were not that many porn stars then compared to now, but if there was someone Chester always fantasized about and remember with naughty fondness until this very day, it would be no other than Nina Hartley.

Blonde, baby blue eyes, with that glorious round ass and small high waist, Chester could only smile at the naughty memories of growing up as a teenager, his cock growing bigger and hard, and discovering masturbation pleasures fantasizing about Nina Hartley. He even used to date a girl who looked like just like Nina, and when they made out, Chester would fantasize that he was making out with Nina, and thought unknown to the girl, she found his intensity, his arousal, and his hardness very much welcome and satisfying.

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These days the internet was full of new porn stars and even newer ones coming out every day. And though they were quiet an eyeful, Chester discovered that he can also find what used to be hard to find porn movies from his favourite porn star. And while surfing and watching Nina Hartley porn movies, Chester discovered the Fleshlight Girls Nina Hartley sex toy masturbator. He had heard about sex toys before, usually for women, but seeing this replica of Nina’s pussy ignited his libido with fires from his memories of being a young horny teenager, and decided to buy one from the best online sex toy store in Australia for all things naughty, sex toys, and other adult novelty items, ThatsNaughty Australia.

The packaged arrived swift and discreet as promised in the morning, and it was just good that tonight the kids were out for their usual Friday night out while his wife was with her female friends. Chester was all alone, just like how it should be, alone with Nina.

Chester had just downloaded a copy of Nina’s debut, Educating Nina, the perfect film to rediscover Nina all over again, and discover Fleshlight Girls Nina Hartley. He has always been a hand masturbation kind of guy, and the sex toy was definitely a new challenge. But the feel of it on his hands felt so good, and his cock was growing harder as the film started.

And there was Nina, just like how Chester remembered her. What happened next was so natural, and Chester guided the sex toy masturbator to meet his cock. At first it felt weird, that first contact of his cock and the orifice. He had prepped it as instructed, dipped it in hot water, and there was the sensation that was lifelike, as if he was pushing his cock into Nina’s hot and wet pussy. His cock’s head broke through the first barrier of her pussy, her wetness allowed Chester’s cock to go in even deeper. He had chosen the Fleshlight Girls Nina Hartley Cougar sleeves, and soon his cock was wrapped in its elevated discs and micro bumps, sending his arousal a notch higher.

Chester had his doubts about the sex toy, and it was only because it was a replica of Nina’s pussy that made him decide to buy it. The sensation was absolutely cock-hardening! The deeper he pumped his cock into her pussy, the more Chester found himself aroused, his cock so hard like never before in a long time. The movie scenes was familiar to him, so Chester closed his eyes and let the audio guide him as he found himself pumping his cock deeper into Nina’s wet and warm tight pussy.

He could hear Nina breathing and gasping with each pump, and Chester gave it to her even deeper, and Nina’s pussy welcomed him deeper and tighter. He forgot he was using a sex toy as Chester started pumping and pumping his cock in a steady pace. Nina was so wet, and just taking him even deeper, and her pussy felt so great, clamping and embracing his cock even tighter that only made Chester fuck her even more. He was so lost in the stimulations and sensations that Chester could not control himself but fuck Nina with his cock more and more. He was so aroused, the last time he felt like this was when he was just discovering Nina and the joys of masturbation, and he let himself be wrapped in the sensations that his cock was experiencing.

The minutes went long, and through it all Chester pumped his cock like never before. Nina’s pussy was warm and tight, and felt so good, and her voice was urging him not to stop, to give her more and Chester was a pleaser, and had no intention of stopping. His cock went in faster, deeper, harder, and Nina took the whole length of his monster cock in her warm and wet pussy. Chester could feel his balls taut and tight, his cock so hard and yet Nina’s pussy was so inviting and welcoming that Chester gave it his all, pumping like a wild young stud just as Nina’s cries of ecstasy was getting louder and louder until he could not control it anymore as Chester went ramrod and piston pumping, and with one last hard pump plunged his cock all the way inside Nina’s pussy, stretching her tight and let his cock juice fill her up.

It took a few minutes for Chester to get his breathing back to normal. He had just masturbated with a sex toy for the first time, and it was unbelievable. He never imagined it could be this good, but it turns out to make masturbation even more exciting, more satisfying. They say an old dog can’t learn new tricks, but old ones sure can get naughty treats and Chester knew then that his Fleshlight Girls Nina Hartley masturbator will be making him experience oldie yet new naughty tricks and more naughty treats for his cock!