Sexual Heaven – Heaven on Earth with this naughty Angel!

There’s just something about a blonde hot porn actress that makes Sam’s cock twitch and rage. Add a pair of nice boobies, a pretty face, and a sexy body and for Sam that would be like having a piece heaven here on earth. And when he discovered Jessica Drake, Sam’s cock got so hard he just had to fantasize and masturbate while watching her movies, imagining it was him and not some actor Jessica Drake would be giving those moments of heavenly pleasures.

And when he heard that there was a sex toy masturbator moulded from Jessica Drake’s very own body, Sam found his naughty side curious as to how such a sex toy would feel like. He had always masturbated with his hands, and they have served him good all these years. But when he saw the sex toy, and what its pussy texture was called, one would not be too far to say that it sealed the deal for Sam: Fleshlight Girls Jessica Drake HEAVENLY texture pussy sleeve.

For Sam, when it comes to angels, he always pictured them as females. There was not much fun in an angel who is supposedly without sex and yet with a male sounding name. Just like women might want their guardian angels to be males, well, Sam was a guy and what could be better than a female angel to serve as his guide and companion, and who better than Jessica Drake to be his naughty angel?

Sam purchased online from Australia’s number online adult sex store, and as promised, buying online was easy, and the delivery was swift and discrete in plain box shipping. Sam is a connoisseur when it comes to the shape of Jessica Drakes pussy, and one glance at the realistic detail of the sex toy told him that it indeed looked like the real thing. His cock seemed to agree with Sam, for it woke up from its slumber and very much awake and hard, and only getting harder.

Sam prepped things up, and played a video of Jessica Drake from her many porn films, this one which happened to be one of his favourites. Jessica Drake was lying down, legs wide spread that had just been licked and sucked, and she was preparing herself to welcome what was to come. Sam took a deep breath, and took his place into the scene as he held his cock and guided it near Jessica Drake’s pussy.

Sam held his rock hard cock and let it get into contact against Jessica’s pussy. She was wet and warm, and Sam’s cock twitched at the sensation of the soft contact. He let his cock slide against her pussy, savouring the way her pussy lips were like kissing every inch of his cock as he slid it up and down, getting his cock coated with her pussy juices that were starting to flood her vagina.

Jessica pulled her legs up, joined them together to get a tight lock on Sam’s cock sliding across her pussy lips and aroused clit. Sam held her both her legs and placed them on his shoulders while his other hand wet to touch and fondle Jessica’s breast. They were firm and soft to the touch, and Sam let his fingers explore each inch of her twin breast, twirling his fingers on her nipples that were was already stiff. He gave each nipple a pinch, knowing Jessica loved that.

Jessica Drake was moaning, moaning Sam’s name as he squeezed and teased her nipples, and was begging him to give it to her, and Sam obliged, letting go of Jessica legs to the side, spreading them as they went down. He positions his cock’s head against her pussy lips, letting her know it was on its way and Jessica moaned at the contact of Sam’s cock and her wet and eager pussy. Sam pop the head it, and felt Jessica’s tight pussy squeezing his cock.

Sam could feel her pussy juices coating his cock, and Sam penetrated her deeper, his cock going deeper and discovering sensations from her pussy that felt so good. Jessica was squeezing and teasing Sam’s cock with her vaginal muscles, and this only made Sam eager to fuck her pussy more. He pushed back a bit, and pushed it back fast, catching Jessica Drake by surprise and stealing her breath from her. Sam was letting his cock be comfortable with the tight and naughty grip and squeeze that Jessica was doing with her pussy. She was so tight and so wet, and Sam could feel her juices rushing through the length of his cock, and just as Jessica squeezed her pussy, Sam took her by another surprise by impaling his cock all the way inside her warm and dripping wet vagina.

Jessica could only moan as she was caught again by surprise with Sam pushing his cock all the way inside her. For Sam, the feeling was intense and exquisite as every inch of Jessica’s pussy was caressing and sending so many kinds of pleasures through every inch of his cock that was just getting harder with all the sensations. But Sam was not about to let the surprise end there, because just as Jessica was getting comfortable with her pussy spread wide and tight by Sam’s cock, Sam began fucking Jessica’s pussy.

Sam picked a slow pace, and his cock went in and out of Jessica’s pussy, and slowly he increased his speed that made Jessica call out his name. Jessica’s pussy felt so good, welcoming his cock that was now slick with her pussy juices and Sam kept pounding and banging Jessica’s pussy. He glanced at Jessica, with her head arched out in pleasure, breathing hard and deep, with her hair all laid down as he let Sam have his way with her body, with her pussy. Sam grabbed one of her breast, and squeezed it every time his cock would be buried deep inside Jessica’s pussy,
Jessica was growing more aroused, her body coated with perspiration from the heat generated by the contact of her pussy and Sam’s cock. She was stretched and arched on her back, each pump of Sam sending tremors on the surface of her sexy body, and his cock pounding and hammering sexual echoes inside her pussy. Jessica could not help but moan and call out Sam’s name, and this just made Sam even eager to fuck her harder.

And even as Sam’s cock was getting Jessica knocked down with pleasure, she got back at Sam the only way she could, with her pussy, and every time Sam was about to bury his cock deep inside her, Jessica would squeeze her pussy tighter, and Sam could feel his arousal get even higher, his climax soaring close to its destination. And as if that was not enough, Jessica started humping back against Sam, meeting each and every one of his thrust, and when their eyes met, their gazes locked, none of them wanting to let go, and the two lovers banged and humped, fucking each other deeper, faster, harder.

The sight of Jessica locking her gaze with his own while pussy and cock kept their contact close was making Sam even more aroused, and his balls were starting to rumble with his cock juice starting to simmer from their hot sexual encounter. He saw Jessica lick her lips, a naughty grin on her face that told Sam she was also feeling the passion and the hot lust of their hard and hot sex. But their gazes held on as their bodies were being pushed to its limit, each pump bringing them both nearer and nearer to orgasmic heaven.

Sam was enjoying each and every moment, his hard cock banging its way inside Jessica’s pussy, and her gaze just felt like a command for him to give her more. Sam felt blessed, feeling his endurance holding up, breathing deep but steady while Jessica was clearly about to cum, which just made Sam more intent on fucking her steady, deep, hard, and good. He was so intent that he missed Jessica’s legs around his back until she clamped her legs like claws on his back just as he pumped deep, keeping him inside her, and not pumping. Sam was now caught by surprise, the look on his face telling that to Jessica and she just smiled as she held him on her grip and started working her vaginal muscles on his cock. With his cock deep inside and pressed close, Sam’s cock was under the onslaught of Jessica’s vagina muscle control, and Sam felt his cock give in to the pleasure. Jessica kept her grip tight, on her legs and on her pussy on Sam’s cock, and she started grinding herself against him, and Sam found the situation so arousing that without wanting to he felt his balls burst and he flooded Jessica’s pussy with his cock juice, and the sensation was so powerful that a breath later Jessica arched her head back as her own climax sent ripples of pleasure all over her body from the massive orgasm she was having.

Sam fell on top of Jessica, breathing hard as her pussy was milking his cock of all its cock juice. Sam glanced at Jessica, who was smiling at him, and she asked him if he enjoyed the trip to orgasmic heaven. Sam could only nod, as Jessica proved once again she was the best angel, the horniest and hottest naughty angel, and she was his, always ready to bring him pleasures of heaven while still here on earth.