Ben always had a thing about blondes and big boobs. And when it’s framed in a petite sexy body that highlights all those curves and shapes to maximum exposure, Ben’s cock would could not help but wake up and get hard. And when he saw Jesse Jane in a pirate parody movie, Ben was not ashamed to admit that Jesse Jane was his fantasy porn babe to whom he masturbated for a week! Some girls are about the boobs, some about the ass, some about the body, and in Jesse Jane all of these came together perfectly, and seeing her in hot naughty action never failed to make Ben hard, and cum harder.

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Ben psyched himself for the naughty reunion, and started watching the movie. Jesse Jane starred in the film with other hot porn babes, but for Ben it was Jesse Jane who had his eyes and who made his cock twitch with every of her sex scenes. He could feel his balls tighten up in lust and anticipation, but he kept it under control, wanting to last and give it his all in the hottest scene as he saw in the trailer.

Lusty and Busty Blonde Jesse Jane Captive of Pleasure

And finally, the moment he was waiting for finally arrived, and in Ben’s naughty mind he imagined taking the place of the actor in the film as he held Jesse Jane is his hand.

Ben was trapped and he knew it. The windows must probably be one way, and for all he knew they were now looking at him, observing him. Well, he had it good, all things considered. They might have some cruel designs for him, but until they show up, he would keep still, he would not give up.

And then the door opened up.

Not one, two, or three, but four of them came into the room. Ben knew never to judge people about their looks: the brute can be a gentle soul, while the seemingly harmless can be the most deadly. And that is most true with this four, seeing that all of the four were women: four sexy, hot, and beautiful women. His cock twitched in reflex, especially on that that blonde one with a rack on her chest that nearly made James hoot.

They converged on him, and though they did not have any instruments out, he knew they can be rough and hard, the very reason he was caught and put into this room in the first place. And then they went on him, all 8 hands and James steeled himself for the pain that was to come.

Instead his skin felt kisses, and soft touches that were only rough in taking off his clothes off of him!

Ben forgot his fear as he was caught in the moment. They had stripped him off and the four ladies started stripping their clothes too. Two of them started kissing and fondling each other’s breasts while the other two was on to him. One had her lips on his mouth and the other was on her knees, hands on his cock before he felt it disappear between the soft warm lips of her mouth.

Worry and fear was replaced with lust and desire as Ben fought back with lips and tongue on the one who was kissing him. His hands went to her breast, pinching them that made the woman bite Ben’s lips. Ben’ cock was straining hard against the onslaught of the one who held his cock inside her mouth, sucking it deep and fast and Ben’s hips moved, pumping his cock deeper into her mouth.

But Ben’s eyes was on the blonde with big tits, Jesse, who was now lying on the table, with her legs spread wide, her pussy parted and being licked by another, and when their eyes met Ben could feel a lump in his throat as he tried to concentrate on her amidst the kissing and the sucking that his body was enduring.

Ben felt his cock get free as the mouth that sucked it let it go, only as long as the owner of the mouth that was sucking his cock stood up and leaned towards the table, positioning her ass and pussy for Ben. Ben felt his cock tugged as it was guided closer, and Ben let the hand guide his cock to the pussy that was wet and waiting for his cock, and he slammed it in. Fuck she was so wet, and Ben’s cock plumbed her pussy deep and good, and he felt the pussy squeeze and tighten with every pump.

It was a crazy and naughty mix of bodies: Ben fucked the girl in from of him while the one kissing him went down on the table to lick the breast of the girl he was fucking. Seeing all four sexy bodies getting down and naughty surged Ben’s arousal higher, but he wanted to last long. Naked bodies began to shift and move, and Ben was now offered with another wet pussy, this time lying in front of him and Ben wasted no time plunging his pussy juice coated cock inside her, pumping it hard that sent her breast swinging with the motions. Ben noticed the blonde with a big breast still on her back and having 69 with another, yet her eyes were on him, as if admiring his performance, or like an observer, and Ben found that such a turn on and he banged and fucked the pussy in front of him, as if showing her he could fuck as good as she could think.

Ben could feel his balls tighten up, but he didn’t want them to get the satisfaction of seeing him cum before he fucked them all, and he took a deep breath as the girls switched places and he was presented again with a third pussy, and Ben paced himself banging and fucking his third pussy for the night. Only Jesse remained unfucked by his monster cock, and she was looking at him as she was fingering the pussy of one of the girls who had her mouth in another’s who was kissing and sucking with the girl Ben was currently fucking. Ben and Jesse locked gazes, and Ben fucked the hell out of the woman in front of him while Jesse was finger fucking someone else, and both increased the pace as they watched each other. The intensity of their gazes and their motions was too much on both of their partners that they climaxed within seconds of each other, and as Ben’s partner slid off, Jesse finally approached Ben.

Ben had just fucked 3 women non-stop, and his cock and balls was almost bursting but there was still one he had to fuck, and he wanted to fuck her well. Ben lost track of the other girls who were now a tangle of bodies, his eyes was only on Jesse, and after spending a few moments tasting her lips, Jesse went down on her knees and placed his cock between her breast and squeezed her breast around his cock.

Her breasts were so soft and warm as Ben finally got the chance to catch his breath. Jesse flicked her tongue whenever Ben’s cock would slide out between her breast, and her tongue was wicked in its contact with the tip of his cock. Ben’s raging cock was still rock hard, but for these few moments he could feel his balls loosening up a bit, and Ben enjoyed the calm to restore his stamina before the storm that would surely come next. Ben humped his cock between Jesse’s breasts, and seeing it slide and disappear between her breasts, only to appear again to be licked by her soft lips was such an arousing sight. Jesse then squeezed her breasts tighter, and Ben stood still as Jesse pumped her breast with his cock in between them tighter and closer, and was spending longer and longer licking his cock. Soon she let go of her breast and took Ben’s cock inside her mouth, giving it a few long sucks before she stood up to lie on the table.

Ben helped her into position, spreading her legs wide as his hands went after her breast, cupping and squeezing them. Ben felt Jesse’s hands on his cock, tugging and pulling him closer and the tip of his cock touched her pussy lips. The contact was electric as both of them shivered at the sensation. Ben let go of her breast, and started touching and patting Jesse’s wet and parted pussy lips with his cock. Jesse pushed against him, wanting the contact to last longer, and Ben finally gave in as he positioned his cock between her pussy lips.

Then Ben slammed it hard and deep in one big push.

Her pussy was so tight. Every inch of Ben’s cock squeezed to high pleasure. She was also very wet as her pussy juices oozed from her tight pussy that was now stretched wide with Ben’s cock. Ben started to pump his cock, and Jesse met each of his thrust. They held on to each other, and Ben started fucking Jesse’s pussy harder and deeper, and Jesse didn’t back down but pumped back, letting her pussy be slammed and banged by Ben’s cock even more. Ben could feel her pussy squeezing and tightening faster, and her juices leaking out of her pussy as his balls were also tight with his own cock juice that was now raging to explode.

Jesse then signalled Ben to stop, and motioned him to lie on the table. Ben obeyed and as soon as he was on the table Jesse moved on top of him. She was like a goddess sitting astride him, her blonde hair falling through her chest and Ben reached out to cup her breast, Jesse moaned at the touch of Ben’s hands on her chest, sucking her breath deep as Ben squeezed and pinched her nipples. Jesse was humping the length of Ben’s cock across her pussy lips, getting them coated with more of her pussy juice before taking them into her hands, pointed it to her pussy and in one swoop she slammed her pussy, impaling it on Ben’s cock, her back arched as the tightness and hardness of his cock filling her.

And then Jesse began to fuck Ben.

Jesse was relentless as she worked her way up and down Ben’s cock. Ben was just mesmerized, his hands fondling and squeezing Jesse’s breast at the sight and sensation of Jesse riding him hard and deep. Jesse held on to Ben tight as she humped her pussy up and down Ben’s cock. Ben sent his hands to cup Jesse’s ass, helping her slam harder and faster, and moved his fingers until they stroke Jesse’s ass. Ben let his fingertip be in contact with Jesse’s ass, probing and touching that made Jesse fuck him even more.

Jesse was getting wilder; the sensation of Ben’s cock stretching her pussy and the fingertip on her ass was just too much sensation as she felt her pussy tighten around Ben’s cock. She knew she was nearly there as she found the words to tell Ben to fuck her hard, and she felt his hands grip her ass even more, meeting each of her thrust. Ben’s eyes drank the sight of Jesse, of her blonde hair, her flushed face as she was so intent of impaling her pussy on his cock, pure pleasure and turn on as he also felt his balls tighten up just as Jesse begged him to fuck her hard. Ben met each of her thrust, hands on her ass, gripping hard and pumping back, and the two were lost on trying to out fuck the other until Jesse was moaning and cooing that she was coming and with one hard thrust Ben met her thrust one more time, his hands still gripping Jesse’s ass and held her in place as she felt her pussy squeeze his cock tight that finally sent his cock juice exploding to mix with her pussy juices.