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Naughty Japanese Sushi

Just like any kid of his day, Matt loved watching cartoons, which in time progressed to include Japanese animation, anime. And then he discovered a different kind of cartoons, a different kind of anime straight from Japan: hentai. There was just something exciting about a forbidden cartoon genre that Matt ignited certain naughty passions and cravings inside of him while growing up. It was something quite different, not just about a cartoon, but on the stories and themes as well. No wonder that when Matt finally discovered and began watching porn films, the usual Caucasian adult actresses just didn’t appeal that much to him. He wanted someone new, someone unique, someone exotic.

And then he discovered Asa Akira. Petite, sexy, and unique, Asa Akira’s exotic looks created a spark in Matt’s cock and balls that became a bonfire of lusty desire. Seeing her in hot and naughty action, giving it as good as she gets it made her top the list of fantasy porn stars. Matt could not count how many times he fantasized about Asa Akira and masturbated doing it with her, in all places, in all possible positions. Being right handed, Matt even learned to masturbate with his left hand when he once could not use his right hand due to a sprain.

And when Matt found out that there was a Fleshlight Girls Asa Akira exclusive masturbator sex toy for men, it was the easiest click and online purchase he ever did, and he bought one from Australia’s number one adult online sex store. Matt didn’t have to wait long, the packaged arrived swift, and discrete in plain box shipping, which only made him eager to discover new sensations and fantasies brought to life with Asa Akira.

As his eyes laid itself on the sex toy, Matt could confirm that the orifice did indeed look like Asa Akira’s pussy, not just because from memory but by the act of recognition provided by his cock that suddenly sprung to life. Matt at first wanted the butt orifice, remembering how Asa Akira likes anal sex a lot, but seeing the pussy orifice and the promised naughty sensations and stimulations from her signature DRAGON texture pussy sleeve made the decision so much easier, and exciting.

Matt got Asa Akira in front of him, and she was hot, wet and ready for his cock. Matt closed his eyes as he slid his cock on the surface of Asa Akira’s pussy, the sensation of first contact gave his cock a naughty spike of horniness, making his cock even harder. He held the base of his cock, and tapped it against her pussy lips, and he heard Asa moan his name as his cock patted her pussy lips. She started spreading her legs wider, an invitation for his cock to explore more than just the surface of her pussy, and Matt’s raging hard cock accepted the invitation.

He positioned his cock between Asa Akira’s pussy, and gave it a push that saw her pussy lips engulf every inch of the head of his cock. Her pussy lips gripped and hugged his cock, and Matt savoured the texture of her pussy that was giving him new sensations. But Matt wanted more, as Asa Akira wanted more, so he eased his cock even deeper, getting the more than just the head inside Asa hot and wet pussy cave.

Matt felt as if his cock had entered a dungeon full of pleasure as Asa Akira’s pussy twirled and swirled the length of his cock with arousing sensations. This only made Matt crave to explore deeper, and with each inch he got his cock inside her pussy, the sensations intensified, making Matt shiver with arousal, challenging him to take deep breaths. Matt pumped his cock out a bit, and slid it back in, getting a good feel of the sensations that were starting to overload his cock with pleasure. But Asa Akira’s pussy felt so good, held so much promise if he goes deeper, and that is what Matt did, his rock hard cock worked its way even deeper, struggling against the wave of pleasure that went to meet his cock as he went even deeper.

Matt never thought Asa Akira’s pussy could feel this good, and he knew from the feel of lust bubbling in his balls, from the quiver and twitch of his cock that it was testing his sexual endurance. He used to last longer, but his cock was not prepared for the arousing sensations that held his cock gripped in ecstasy, making him feel so rock hard and each moment nearer the point of submission. It indeed felt like its name: DRAGON texture, a long swirling naughty dragon encircling and teasing his cock. But this was Asa Akira’s pussy, and Matt did not intend to give up without a fight.

Matt took a deep breath seeing that his cock had more than an inch more to go, and even as the sensations of Asa Akira wet and warm pussy was tightening against his cock, threatening to make him surrender, Matt found the will to stay true to his quest, keep his cock rock hard and ready as he pumped his cock even more, to be met by new swirls of pleasure sensations that left him grasping for breath. He willed all his endurance on one more push and he gave it all his best as he slammed his cock all the way, burying it like a mighty sword in Asa Akira’s pussy.

Matt felt like he was a god as the full powers of Asa Akira’s pussy was brought around his cock that was swirled with sensations and arousal that just kept rising higher and hotter. He allowed himself to savour going deep all the way, but it was not enough. Asa Akira demanded more when it comes to her pussy, and Mike wanted to give her his all. He started sliding his way out, then slammed it in, getting the whole feel of Asa Akira’s pussy. Satisfied that he had explored the whole length of Asa Akira’s naughty dungeon, Matt decided to conquer and claim it as his own and started to pump the whole length of his cock harder and faster into her pussy.

He might have conquered Asa Akira’s pussy with the length of his cock, but Matt was not prepared for the new exquisite sensations he savoured with every stroke and pump of his cock. Asa Akira’s pussy was gifting and gripping his cock in new arousing ways, his cock always swirled with pleasure he never thought possible. The harder, the deeper, and the faster he impaled his cock on Asa Akira’s pussy only made her grip him even more, testing his sexual endurance to new heights, and Matt wanted to go even deeper and explore this new heights of sensations and stimulations. The more Matt pumped his way, the more it seems that Asa Akira was challenging him, teasing him if he could last even longer. And even if Mike knew how the end would have to be, he did not intend to stop until he could endure all the pleasure his cock was being overloaded with.

Matt could feel his cock juice bubble and boil in his balls, so he fucked Asa Akira’s pussy harder, deeper, and faster, and his resolve to last longer was rewarded by pleasure that just went better and greater. Asa Akira never felt this good, and so Matt plunged on, going full steam as his cock shivered and twitched even more, now so hard beyond what he could remember, and then his cock juice was nearly its breaking and surging point, and with a warriors roar Matt plunged his rock hard sword cock, impaling it one more time deep inside Asa Akira’s pussy just as his cock flooded her pussy and filled it with his cock juice.

Matt opened his eyes. He basked at the sensation of conquering the naughty dragon that was Asa Akira’s pussy. He had doused it with his cock juice, and in doing so, his cock was also conquered by her. Matt smiled, knowing that the battle has just began, and the nights ahead he will see his cock rock hard and ready to explore Asa Akira’s pussy again and again.