Patrick has always admired the diversity of cultures, even more so when East and West meet and brings forth something new, something exciting. Be it in food, fashion, and most especially about women of mixed heritage. There is just something about seeing the best of two world meet and collide, and comes out someone beautiful, sexy, and very naughty.<\p>

Just like Katsuni. At first glance he thought she was Chinese or Japanese. But she was neither, but Vietnamese. Not just that, but she was also French. Asian look speaking the language of love, that was just a treat Patrick could not resist. She was also into anime, something Patrick also was a fan of, and no man could possibly ignore that sexy body, that exotic sensuality that she seems to exude.<\p>

And then there were her sex scenes: hot, bold, naughty, and very arousing. It didn’t take long and Patrick became a fan, and the internet made it possible for him even from far away Australia to gather all things related to Katsuni. And it was during this time that he discovered a sex toy masturbator unlike any other with the Fleshlight Girls Katsuni sex toys for men. Patrick has always used his hand for masturbation, but his curiosity was piqued at the possibilities for new masturbation pleasures, and so he decided to buy online for Fleshlight Girls Katsuni from ThatsNaughty Australia, the best online sex toy superstore in Australia for all things naughty, and as promised, the package arrived in his doorstep swift and discreet.<\p>

That night, Patrick let his mind explore his sexual fantasy with Katsuni:<\p>

Language was still a barrier between them, but the sexual tension between them had grown undeniable through the weeks since they met in a language teaching class. Katsuni was there to master her grasp of English, while Patrick was trying to find his way through the tongue twister that is the French language. What started as a shared coffee during one of the breaks led them to help tutor each other in the language they were good at, a closeness that has become more than just about languages, but also about bodies.<\p>

And now all the tension from all those weeks led them now here, in bed. Patrick loved the sound of her voice, and though he still had a long way to go in speaking or understanding French, it didn’t really matter. Even with the language barrier, they both knew they wanted this. Katsuni cooed a few words while Patrick helped her off her sexy dress, her words turning him on, the same way when it was when Katsuni was taking off his pants, and when she saw his big cock, she exclaimed something in French that must have been a compliment, given the way she smiled and licked her lips.<\p>

Patrick’s cock was so hard, and Katsuni lost her voice as she guided her soft wet mouth to take Patrick’s cock. She was so good with her tongue, as if she was French kissing his cock. He would not let her do all the French kisses as he reached out and started kissing Katsuni’s thighs, inch by inch making his way to her pussy. Patrick started with slow licks and flicks against her clit, which made Katsuni moan before letting her mouth move even more with Patrick’s cock inside her mouth. Patrick returned the favour, taking Katsuni’s clit between his lips and started French kissing them. She grabbed his cock and worked her fingers on them, pumping and twirling while she took him deep into her mouth just as Patrick’s grabbed her ass, squeezing and pulling her closer as his tongue devoured her clit. Patrick could feel his cock grow hard like never before, just as he could taste her pussy juices leaking from her tight and freshly shaved pussy.<\p>

Patrick gave it his best, being gentle and slow with his tongue on Katsuni’s clit savouring each and every inch of her now drenched pussy, licking and kissing and for some reason Katsuni stopped and said some words that Patrick could not really understand, but he must be doing it right because with every flick of his tongue, Katsuni would moan and gasp, her grip on his cock would tighten now and then before she returned and started sucking back his cock with renewed vigour. Patrick could feel his arousal increase, so he increased the pace on Katsuni, going non-stop until she could feel her stop and pause, breathing hard on his cock until she reached out and placed an open palm on his chest, making him stop, and she moved around, facing him with all smiles on her face before she lay down on her back, legs spreading slowly.<\p>

Patrick went after Katsuni, started with slow kisses on her feet going all the way to her knees, giving them all his attention while his hand caressed the other, then made his tongue crawl slowly towards her thighs, going deeper until he was breathing on her pussy, and he stole a glance and saw Katsuni looking at him, and he smiled at her before he softly blew on her clit and then followed it with a soft kiss that send Katsuni shivering. Patrick took position, guiding his cock and he saw that Katsuni’s eyes were locked on his cock, which made his cock twitch in anticipation. Patrick lowered his cock, letting it run against her vagina, getting the tip wet between her pussy lips. Patrick glanced at Katsuni, her mouth slightly opened, breathing deep, and when she nodded back at him, to Patrick that was the sign, and he plunged his cock inside her pussy.<\p>

He let the cock slip in, and felt Katsuni’s vagina clamp for dear life on his cock. Patrick pushed it out before pushing it in some more as he held her legs wide apart, pulling it out a bit again before burying his cock deep inside her. Her pussy was so wet, and she was so tight as her vagina muscles squeezed his cock like a welcome embrace. Patrick stayed still, letting Katsuni take the full length and girth of his cock, and after he was able to compose himself, he started to pump.<\p>

He started slowly, and each of his thrust was met by Katsuni. Patrick savoured as each and every inch of his cock was welcomed and squeezed tight inside her pussy. A few more thrust and they found a pace, and Patrick increased the pace that sent Katsuni moaning as she stretched on her back. Patrick admired the view, of how each of his pumps sent tremors of passion running across her body, swaying her breast in slow motion. But it felt so good inside Katsuni, more than Patrick could have imagined that his pace increased even more, pumping deeper, harder, and faster.<\p>

There were no words said as Patrick went on top of Katsuni, only the sound of wet bodies meeting, of deep breaths, and the occasional gasp and moans that came from both of them. Patrick kept his pace, his cock working like a well pussy juice coated piston on Katsuni’s pussy that made her gasp and moan. Katsuni was no pushover; even under the assault of Patrick’s cock on her pussy she would squeeze her pussy tight, at time catching Patrick by surprise at the sheer naughty torture of her pussy grip. They both looked at each other as they both pushed and pumped their most intimate parts closer, and it was adding to the rising arousal for them both. None dared to look away, and so Patrick kept on pumping deeper and faster, and harder as Katsuni also met each and every thrust from Patrick’s cock. Patrick could feel his balls tight and taut, just as Katsuni started to gasp more and more, yet none dared take off their glance from the other. <\p>

There were no words to be said, and none were given, but both knew they were both near their climax, and the two moved as one, giving and receiving pleasure until a roar came out of Patrick just as Katsuni arched her back and with one final thrust Patrick slammed his cock hard and deep, and Katsuni’s pussy gripped his cock hard that made Patrick come so hard just as Katsuni also moaned like never before as her orgasm crashed over her body and gushed over Patrick’s cock.<\p>

Patrick eyes were on Katsuni, as hers was also on his, as both joined in their climax. Her eyes and her smile said it all as their juices flowed and mixed between them, and Patrick reached to kiss her lips, which she fully accepted. <\p>

No words were said, and none were needed.<\p>

Patrick could not believe how intense his ejaculation was. Feels like real flesh, and so good it nearly knocked the lights from his eyes, Fleshlight Girls Katsuni was definitely his new secret toy for the big naughty boy!<\p>