The undeniable naughty tease that is Teagan Presley! Remembering Teagan

Teagan. Teagan…

James had always been fond of that name: Teagan. It sounded and came out special from his lips. He loved the way the sound and the way his tongue would form the name. Not to mention that it reminded him of a pretty girl who was such a tease. Teagan. Tease. The memories were quite mixed: part innocence, part curiosity, and a dash of naughtiness that even now, years after he last saw her, James could not help but feel a hard on whenever he remembers her.

That’s why when James discovered Teagan Presley, even his cock basked in the memories he kept of his childhood. James found it easy to fantasize that the Teagan of his childhood is now this hot and very naughty porn actress that Teagan Presley is. Watching her films, going down and fucking with such passion made James also wonder if this was how it would have led to if he and Teagan had time to explore so much more. But the past is gone forever, while this hot tease of a porn actress was the now, and by the hardness of his cock, what mattered was the present.

James became a fan, and Teagan a favourite among the many he could choose from for his masturbation fantasies. And when he discovered Fleshlight Girls Teagan Presley LOVE HUMPS texture masturbation sex toy, his cock might have been the one doing the thinking because James, who never saw the need for a sex toy, found himself buying one from Australia’s number one adult online sex store.

When the packaged arrived swift and discreet, everything fell into place as James called forth from memory his naughty fantasies…

…There was a knock on his door and when James answered it he saw such a pretty sight: dressed in shorts and loose shirt was a woman with a hot and sexy body and a very warm smile. She introduced herself as Teagan, his next door neighbor and she was wondering if she could ask for a favour. Her laptop was acting up, and being a noob with computers, she was curious if James could help her out. James could not find any reason to say no, and as he followed her down the hall to her room, he could not ignore the nice piece of ass that was bouncing just in front of him, and he felt the first twitch of his cock somehow noticing the sexy ass too.

James came inside her room, and was guided to the table were the laptop was. It was turned off so James started it up. While waiting for the logon to appear, Teagan asked if he would like to have some lemonade, and since it was a warm day, James said yes. From the corner of his eye he spied Teagan, bent over the fridge and giving him one heaven of a view. Her long legs was shaped just right and accentuated her nice ass that James could not help getting an erection while wondering at the colour of her undies, and damn he was just wearing his boxers, and before Teagan turned around he quickly positioned and hid his cock firmly between his legs.

The laptop seemed to be fine, so James asked Teagan which program was acting up. Teagan came closer and placed the glass of lemonade on his side, and then she leaned over behind James, her breast brushing against his back. She smelled so nice, a light summer scent, and together with the sensation of her soft breasts pressed even more on his back as Teagan leaned some more, James mind was running a lot of naughty ideas while his cock was getting rock hard and raging between his legs. Teagan was saying something so James turned his head to the right, just as Teagan turned hers to the left.

Their lips gently brushed each other.

James could not remember who pressed whose lips closer, but someone definitely did that led to lips parting wider and tongues tasting each other, with their hands all over each other’s bodies. The day was hot, and was just getting even hotter that clothes began to be stripped off, and they were both in the sofa. Teagan was stroking his cock while James breasts was underneath her loose shirt that revealed she wasn’t wearing any bra, and his hands found her naked breast that he began to caress and squeeze. Teagan helped him take her top off, and when James was offered with her twin breasts, his mouth immediately went to lick her breasts before taking her nipples inside his mouth.

Her breasts were so soft and warm as James buried his face closer on her chest. James throat was parched with the surge of lust and he sucked and licked Teagan’s nipples and breast. Teagan was squeezing his cock, and gave it a good grip that made him stop and Teagan motioned him to stand up. Teagan then pulled James shorts all the way down and didn’t waste a moment kissing and sucking his cock.

The sigh of it was so arousing with Teagan kissing his cock before sucking it, pumping it then licking his balls. James grabbed her hair so he could have a nice view, and Teagan gazed at him while she took his cock deeper inside her mouth. Her soft lips and tongue was making his cock even harder, and James basked at the attention she was giving his cock. James reached out to Teagan’s breast, fondling them as he slowly pumped his cock into her open and welcome mouth.

Teagan then let go of his cock after giving it one good long suck that made James groan in pleasure. James didn’t miss a beat and grabbed her shorts and revealed that she wasn’t wearing any panties, and from her pussy lips James could see she was wet. Seeing her wet and waiting pussy was just too much, and Teagan was positioning herself to take his cock. James helped her spread her legs, raised one and supported it over the sofa as he guided his cock to her pussy lips. He parted them with his massive cock head, and plunged it in.

Teagan’s pussy was like a hungry mouth as it gripped James cock inside her pussy, just as she humped towards him, wanting more. James was one not to disappoint, and seeing his cock buried into her luscious pussy only made him want to pump it deeper, and with a stroke back he pushed his cock back in even deeper, feeling Teagans pussy squeezing his cock tighter, her pussy juices coating every inch of his cock. James pulled it back a bit again and in one big push finally slammed his cock all the way inside Teagan’s warm and wet vagina. Both of them moaned at the sensation of hard cock and wet pussy locked together.

James then picked a pace and started pumping his cock in and out of Teagan’s pussy. Teagan had her legs spread wide and was playing with her clit and this drove James to fuck her even harder. The faster James pumped, the faster Teagan stroked her very aroused clit, and James could feel his excitement and arousal go even hotter and higher with the tease she was doing. James gave it his best, pumping and stroking until Teagan was bracing herself to meet and welcome each one of his thrust, her gaze challenging him to fuck her more, and James did not want to disappoint her so he worked his cock deeper and harder inside Teagan’s wet pussy.

James could feel his balls clench up, and he knew he was near and Teagan was moaning and begging him to fuck her more, her breath coming out in gasps. That was all James needed to give him a surge of endurance as he pumped his cock harder, faster and deeper than ever before into Teagan’s pussy. Teagan’s grip on his hands was getting tighter, just as her pussy was flexing and squeezing James cock with so much pleasure sensation. Teagan began swearing and James knew they were both near climax and he pumped and fucked her as if his life depended on it, his raging cock plunging deep, coated with her pussy juices. Teagan began moaning his name over and over, pushing James to give it everything he had until he felt his balls about to empty their raging cum juice and he slammed his cock all the way inside Teagan pussy just as she felt her climax exploding from inside her as James unloaded his cock juice to meet the wave of her pussy juices of their climax. James fell on top of Teagan, both of them catching their breaths from the hot fuck that just came out of nowhere.

“So, tell me what is wrong with your laptop?” James asked Teagan after a few moments.

“I’m not sure, but I do know someone that needs a fix, a fuck fix!” Teagan replied as she squeezed her pussy that still had James’ cock inside of it.

James smiled back and began to softly kiss her lips. The day was just beginning, and he intends to spend every moment of it slow, wet, and hard with Teagan.