Two Asian Girls play naughty, and one lucky guy gets invited to see it up close and personal!

The Invitation

Would like to watch closer?

That was the first line of what the note said, written on a pink piece of scented paper. At first Tom could not believe it. He was afraid it was just a tease, a cruel joke of sorts, though one he felt he deserved anyway. But when he glanced back in mixed awe, wonder, surprise and with a tinge of shame that he tried to control in his face, Miyaka’s face did not betray anything but seriousness, the way Japanese girls can have that glance that said nothing and yet something at the same time. There were a few more lines from the note:

You can play, but no touch.

Absolutely no touching.

We would like to watch you play too.

Do you agree?

It was an invitation Tom never thought possible. But here it was, being offered to him, and what kind of man would possibly be discourteous to say no!? So with a shy smile he said yes, and only then did Miyaka’s face changed to give him what was definitely a smile.

Tom never felt that he was a voyeur. Until the day he saw his apartment neighbours making out. He had seen them both before, and though their looks caught his eyes, they were simply his neighbours, two among the many. It did cross his mind that they were perhaps family, given the similarities in their looks, or friends sharing a place, but he never thought they were that close.

Tom would never forget the night he saw Miyaka and Kim making out. The two girls were naked, and for Tom, seeing two girls making on a screen was nothing compared to seeing them do it live and in real life. Even from the distance Tom could feel the heat, the sexual intensity from the two lesbian lovers. That night Tom masturbated using his hands for the first time in a long time, a rare feat considering he always used his Fleshlight Girls masturbators for some time then.

Despite his busy schedule, Tom would catch them making out every week, and during these times he used his Fleshlight masturbator. He even bought a new Fleshlight sex toy a week after the first time he saw Kim and Miyaka making love to each other, and he nicknamed his two Fleshlight for the two of them, and would use both depending on who was more active. He knew Fleshlight masturbation was that good, but he never thought it was so much better using two in one session. It didn’t cross his mind yet that he was a voyeur, but he sure loved watching them, for he ejaculated hard like he never thought possible from Fleshlight Girls masturbators.

And then one day he got caught.

It was Kim who saw him first, followed by Miyaka who glanced the same way as Kim. Tom was like a deer struck by the light, he just stood there from a distance as two pair of eyes from two naked bodies looked at him before he realized what a jerk he was for being caught peeping that he went away from the window, feeling that weird feeling of shame at being found out. At once he was ashamed, but his lust won him over for he still wanted to watch them, which he thought might not be possible anymore. But a shy glance at the window a few moments later and he saw that the window in his neighbour’s room was still open, and the two Asian girls was still there where he last saw them, still in bed and were back to their lovemaking.

And Tom forgot the shame of being caught, if anything, the act of being caught in the act and yet still allowed to continue gave a new surge of lust through his body. He masturbated and ejaculated in a way that was even better. He alternated between his Fleshlight Girls sex toy masturbators. When Miyaka was busy licking and sucking Kim’s breast, Tom used his “Miyaka” Fleshlight masturbator, and when Kim returned the favour by going down and licking and kissing Miyaka’s pussy, Tom alternated with his “Kim” Fleshlight sex toy. As if time stood still for Tom that night as the two lesbian made love, alternating, kissing, licking, sucking, fingering, playing with strap on harness, dildos and vibrators, even sex toys that he never knew existed, and after more than an hour Tom’s knees were so weak he could barely stand after the two women had finally climaxed and shared an orgasm together, after which the lights when off in their room.

Tom could not even remember how many times he ejaculated.

But watching them together was not the only naughty treat Tom saw from his window view. Once there was just Kim, lying in bed, naked. She seemed to be sleeping, and Tom spent a few moments just observing her from a distance, not masturbating yet feeling his cock slowly roused from slumber. And then Kim moved, slightly at first, and Tom got an even better view of her naked body, and as she moved she gave him one naughty view after the other. At another time it was not Kim, but Miyaka instead, getting naughty and playing with her vibrator. Tom wanted to believe that she was doing it just for him since she saw him down the hall just a few minutes before, letting him watch where the vibrator went all over her body that Tom imagined it was him and not the sex toy going all over her Miyaka until it nestled between her legs. On both occasions, Tom enjoyed about an hour masturbating slowly and without rush, a definite new experience for him with his aptly nicknamed Fleshlight masturbators.

Tom never felt that he was a voyeur. Until tonight. Perhaps he admitted it when he accepted the invitation, but now, he knew he was one, and was proud of it. And because of that here he was, on the door of Kim and Miyaka’s room just a few minutes before the appointed time.

We start at 8pm. That was what the note said.

Tom composed himself, glanced on his watch, and knocked on the door a second before the new hour.

A click, and the door opened.