Twisting Inside Alexis

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That night, Dan relieved one his favourite fantasy scenes.

He has been walking across the fields, and for miles he had not seen a house or anyone who could help him. What started as a nice plan to discover nature led him to this unfortunate state: he lost his back pack that had his gear, clothes, and now he was so thirsty. He knew there would be a house soon, or a farm, since this area was not deserted, just that he hopes he would spy one soon. In the distance he saw a tree that offered a wide shade, and so he made his way to it. Just as he reached his hand to rest against the tree, he heard the sound of something coming, the sound of hooves on dry earth, someone on a horse most probably, and Dan turned around.

Not just anyone in a horse but a woman, and not just any woman. As if the day was not hot enough, the sight of her even made Dan feel hotter. She had long leather cowboy boots in blue denim jeans, her blouse with the first 2 buttons free, and wearing a cowboy hat. She stopped a few paces from him, tipped her hat in greeting before getting off the horse. Seeing her slide off the horse gave Dan a good look at her tight ass that seemed to be giving the jeans a good fit, and Dan felt his cock stir at the sight of it.

They talked, and Dan explained how he and his friends decided to meet somewhere at the end of the day after exploring the trails on foot, and told her the misadventures of losing his things and losing his way. She grinned in amusement at his story, and passed him the pouch of water she had with her, which Dan gratefully accepted as he let his parched throat savour the water that was sweet. It was so hot that Dan wanted to pour water over his head, but thought better of it and gave it back after a few generous gulps. Alexis, as how she introduced herself, took the water pouch back and tip it over her lips and drank some. Dan felt a lump in his throat as he saw her lips connect with the pouch that was just moments ago touching his lips, wondering if her lips would taste as sweet as the water.

And that was when she tilted her hat backwards and poured water over her forehead, the water going down from her face all the way down to her chest, drenching her blouse that clung to her like second skin, and Dan realized she wasn’t wearing any bra, judging by the look of her nipples against it.

Her taut and stiff nipples.

Dan’s eyes must have been locked to her pointed nipples that he really didn’t notice that she was just a few steps from him when she broke the silence with her question.

“Would you like to share a ride?”

Dan’s gaze was snapped with the sound of her voice, and up close she could see her nipples straining against her drenched blouse. Her voice guided his eyes to look at her face, and she was breathing deep, lips parted in some secret smile, and Dan must have looked like an idiot just gazing at her, feeling her nearness scorch him with lust.

Dan was caught by the next surprise when he felt something against his crotch. Alexis was suddenly closer to him, and Dan felt the tree on his back as Alexis grabbed and stroked his crotch that was visibly aroused by the shape it was making. Alexis caressing it against his pants made him even harder, and though things were happening fast, Dan was all too agreeable to it.

Alexis’ lips closed against John and he could taste her sweat and her saliva, and to his parched throat it felt sweeter than the water a few moments ago. His hands found their way to her chest as he unbuttoned her blouse and grabbed her breast. Alexis pressed closer as their tongues lapped and explored each other, and Dan sent his hands behind her back, both hands simultaneously going down over the shape of her ass that he cupped and then squeezed. Alexis broke their kiss and moaned at the sensation of Dan’s hands over her ass, and John gave it a few more caresses, and even more squeezes that sent Alexis moaning and breathing deeper.

No words were said between them as Alexis’ fingers found his crotch again and zipped down his pants to reveal his now hard and raging cock. Alexis wasted no time going down on her knees and started kissing Dan’s cock with her soft tongue and lips before taking his cock inch by inch inside her mouth, all the while looking at Dan while she did it. John felt her hot breath against his cock that was disappearing inch by inch inside her mouth, and Alexis went down to business, giving Dan a blowjob unlike anything he experienced before. Dan closed his eyes and savoured the turn of events, leaning against the tree that was rough against his back but only served to intensify the sensation of Alexis sucking his hard cock. She was sucking him slow, deep, and John could feel his cock twitch and his balls tingle at the sensations of her mouth and tongue on his cock.

Dan then felt the air on his cock, and opening his eyes he saw Alexis move away from it as she got herself on all four. Without a word Dan went on his knees, and guided his hands to unbuckle and pull down Alexis tight jeans to reveal her ass. If he thought they looked great, seeing them peeled off from the tight confines of her jeans was just a sigh like heaven, and his hands soon caressed her very sexy ass. Alexis wiggled her butt against Johns ministrations on her ass, and John could not help but squeeze it that sent out a lusty moan from her lips.

“Fuck me Dan.”

Dan ripped her undies at the sound of her voice and guided his cock, rubbing it against her ass before pointing it between her pussy lips. She was oozing wet as Dan pushed his cock even more, getting the head in. He legs were locked tight with her jeans just pulled down below her ass, and this made her pussy feel even tighter. Dan pumped back and then pushed his cock even more, hearing Alexis moaning as her pussy welcomed each inch that made John rage with lust and with one big push he rammed his cock all the way in. They both shuddered at the intensity as hard cock and tight, wet pussy slammed closer, and both were still in the afternoon sun, savouring the moment, until Alexis told him to bang her hard.

Dan wasted no time as he grabbed Alexis’ waist and started pumping his cock. Her ass was so soft as it bounced with every deep pump from Dan’s cock. Seeing it bounce made John so horny that he started fucking her faster, harder, and the motions of her ass as he slammed his cock deep only inspired Dan to do it even harder, deeper, and faster.

Alexis was moaning and breathing hard while she pushed back her ass to meet Dan’s thrust, taking his cock deeper inside her pussy. She was so wet and so tight as Dan’s cock was filling her up. Alexis was so turned on, her tight wet pussy gripping Dan’s cock and his increased pace was making her pussy ooze with juices.

Dan was so mesmerized by Alexis’ ass that he never paused fucking her pussy. His cock was slamming faster and faster, and her pussy juices was coating his cock even more. Alexis was moaning “more..more..harder, fuck it harder” until she squealed “…im coming” and Dan gave it all his best, riding and plunging his cock deeper as she felt her pussy get even tighter and tighter until it squeezed his cock vise tight before Alexis wailed and shuddered as she climaxed that also sent Dan to his own as he felt his balls finally unloading his cock juice inside the tight and wet pussy of Alexis. Dan came hard, her tight pussy squeezing every drop of his cock juice as both of them shared the mixing of their juices with their locked up cock and pussy in climax.

Feeling the last of his cock juice squeezed right out of his cock, Dan let out a sigh of ecstasy as he fell on his back, the wave of the trees mesmerizing him with the surprise fuck that just happened. He spent a few moments just lying there, breathing deep, and his throat was again thirsty. He glanced to his side to see Alexis had stood up, and dressed up as if nothing happened while he was still lying down half naked, his now softening cock the only evidence of their quickie tryst.

Their eyes met, and Alexis smiled at him.

“Are you by any chance a friend of Ben?” Dan was awestruck at the sudden question. Ben was indeed one of his friend’s whom he was supposed to meet, so he just nodded his head.

Alexis was now up on her horse, and John scrambled to pull up his pants while she explained that the farm was just a little down the road, where Ben and his friends were waiting for him.

“Can I share a ride with you?” John asked while still feeling weak on his knees.

Alexis flashed him again a smile. “Not on this horse, Dan. But if you are man enough to walk to the farm, I could show you and let you explore being ridden…by me.” Alexis bit her lips before she turned away and led the horse to move.

Dan was still feeling weak, but he felt his cock throb at the promised ride ahead of him. The image of Alexis’ ass bouncing on him gave him a surge of energy, and he took the first steps after her.