Naughty Buzz with Bibi

James could not remember quiet well or be sure if indeed it was her that he shared coffee with. They were facing each, albeit two tables apart. But what James remembers is that when he saw her, he felt his pulse raise their beat, as if the air between them was charged with pheromones, as if she was a queen bee and he was a drone bound to her. Intense sexual attraction was something not new to James, but there was something about the woman he saw just a few feet away from him that left a definite buzz that started from his throat all the way down to his balls and sudden hard on, one of the reasons James remembers her.

Perhaps she just looked like her, or perhaps it was indeed Bibi Jones, the porn star princess James discovered in the Net. Seeing her likeness triggered the naughty memory of that one encounter, and though normally he would have approached her, he was in a bad mood that day, so he just admired het from a distance. James will never know if indeed it was Bibi Jones, but there was one thing that James knows and looking forward to discover: Fleshlight Girls Bibi Jones BI HIVE pussy texture sleeve.

James was not a fan of sex toys masturbators, though he knew of friends who had received gifts with one. Whenever he wanted sex, James would look for it and get it most of the time, and on the rare times he had to deal with the rising surge in his balls all alone, his hands have always done a good job of helping him release the tension. But there was something about seeing Bibi Jones in hot and naughty action, and his wonder if it was indeed her in his memory that James allowed himself to purchase the masturbator sex toy from Australia’s #1 online adult sex store, and when the package arrived swift and discrete as promised, James could not help but feel even more excited and curious about the sex toy hidden inside.

When he opened the package, James marvelled at the texture and the realistic details of the orifice. And while getting it ready, he ran through his mind how that memory of sharing coffee cups tables away would have turned out if he took it a step closer

Their eyes locked as they both sipped from their coffee cup, and both of them almost smiled at the same time at each other. Her smile was like the sun, and James basked in the warmth of her smile even tables away until their eye contact was broken. It was his last sip, and James let it slide down his throat that for some reason still felt parched, stood up and walked away. He passed by her side, and was about two steps past when he stopped, and when he turned back to look at her he found her looking at him too, and as their eyes locked once again smiles flashed from both of their faces. Her smile was almost like a welcome greeting, giving him the confidence he needed and so James approached her and introduced himself, noticed that her cup still almost full and asked if she would not mind allowing him to share another cup with her.

And so what started with coffee moved on to a room, and they both were into each other as soon as the door was closed. Her hands found his crotch while his found each and every button of her blouse that parted to reveal a thin lace bra cupping her breasts. He unclasped the front and off they fell to reveal the mounds of her breasts just as she felt her warm soft hand on his cock before she gave it a good squeeze. They stripped each other naked and fell into the bed.

She was on top of him, and James flicked his tongue towards her two soft breasts while she continued stroking his cock that was getting even harder. She stroked it up and down just as James was sucking her breast, letting his tongue circle and explore her nipples. She then let go of his cock and pressed her shaved pussy against his cock, grinding against him, savouring the length of James cock along her pussy lips while enjoying his tongue on her breast. James could feel the warmth of her pussy against his cock, followed by the wet sensation of her pussy juices that began coating his cock. James grabbed her ass, pulling her closer against him, their crotches pressed closer together as their tongues found each other and they began tasting each other’s lips, mouth and tongue.

Holding her closer, they turned over in bed and switch positioned, James on top and he feasted his eyes on her breasts before he bent down to give them the attention of his tongue again. She in turn grabbed his ass, pressing their crotches closer and grinded against him. James let his kisses go down, trailing wet marks down to her belly, and all the way down to her pussy, James inhaled the fresh scent of her pussy and without wasting time flicked his tongue on her pussy lips.

She moaned at the sensation, James’ name coming out of her mouth in such a way that made James even hornier and he intensified his tongue strokes on her clit, licking up and down before slicing its way to part her pussy lips. She was dripping wet and the taste of her pussy juice was so good that James licked her pussy even more. Her fingers was grabbing his hair, not knowing if to pull of push his head closer, all the time encouraging James to lick her more, deeper, moaning his name that made James lick and taste her with his tongue like a thirsty man who finally found water. James didn’t stop, his tongue eager to explore every inch of her pussy lips, of her aroused clit, taking them between his lips and sucked them slowly and gently until she was moaning louder and louder, until she finally pleaded with James:

Fuck me, fuck me please James!

James didn’t miss a bit getting his cock into position, head of his cock pressing gently against her wet pussy lips that was just as eager to welcome it. James pushed it a bit in, the cock head losing themselves on the folds of her pussy lips embracing it. She was tight as James’s cock was squeezed in delight. She spread her legs wider and James took that as a sign and pushed his cock deeper and was welcomed by a tighter squeeze that was sending arousing sensations through his cock. James pulled his cock out slowly, then push it even deeper than before, and let it stay there to let her pussy get a good feel of his big and hard cock, feeling her pussy walls clenching and gripping it. James pulled it out again slowly until just the head of his cock in and gazed at her, and as their eyes met James never broke eye contact as he eased and pushed every inch of his cock inside her pussy.

He could not help but moan at the sensations engulfing his cock. Every inch of his cock was buzzing with naughty sensations, and the tightness of her pussy, its pulsing and quenching motions making James almost delirious with pleasure. They never broke eye contact as James started to pump, and was met with his thrust being met by her, stroke for stroke. She felt so warm and tight, and so wet as James’s cock travelled in and out the length of her pussy cave. Their continued eye contact was making their arousal even go higher, and no one wanted to break their gazes. James found himself pumping her faster, and she in turn taking the length of his cock deeper, and they both could see the excitement this was building up in both of them as their breaths got deeper and faster, James feeling his cock rock hard as steel and almost at its limit, and the sensations of her tight pussy gripping his cock telling him she also must be near that James went on and on, pumping and humping every inch harder, deeper, and she was meeting each of his thrusts with fervour until she whispered that she was near, urging him more and more as her pussy gripped his cock even tighter.

James knew he was also at the verge, so he didn’t stop pumping and pumping until he could feel the moment coming for them both, intensifying with every stroke. She was calling out his name over and over, her voice rising and rising until she squealed his name and James slammed his cock hard all the way inside her tight pussy that triggered her orgasm, tilting her head to moan and James heard his own voice as his cock unloaded a flood of cock juice inside her pussy as their juices crashed and joined to become the wave of their climax.

After a few moments had passed, James opened his eyes and took a deep good breath. He may never find out if it was indeed Bibi whom he met before, but one thing he knows for sure is that Bibi Jones will be keeping his cock hard and ready with her pussy, with her Fleshlight Girls Bibi Jones BI HIVE texture pussy sleeves.